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Finishing competition in the filling machine industry

Date:2018/9/12 10:09:44

In recent years, the development speed of domestic filling equipment has attracted worldwide attention. From the step-by-step imitation to the innovation to the pursuit of the world level, it took only ten years, and the quality and craftsmanship have steadily improved. Who dares to assert "beyond" The possibility? The quality is improved to a certain extent and naturally develops towards the brand. This is the law of enterprise development, the accumulation of quality has become a reputation of the enterprise, and word of mouth has created the brand of the enterprise. The improvement of quality to brand indicates that China's filling machine industry is gradually maturing. In a short period of rapid development, there will inevitably be some shortcomings. International brands have found that this huge market in China has begun to sneak in and squeeze the living space of domestic brands, which has also created difficulties for the development of the industry.

Advanced manufacturing processes, intelligent control systems and flexible development strategies will become the soft and hardware resources for future enterprise competition. Uncertain market environment and personalized market demand require filling machine enterprises to overcome the high cost risk caused by the precipitation of equipment resources. The reconfigurability of machinery manufacturing will become a prominent feature of packaging machinery enterprises in the future. The use of digital technology in the manufacturing process can greatly improve the integration and softness in the manufacturing process, thereby improving the quality and efficiency of the production process and enhancing the market competitiveness of the filling machine enterprise products.

Domestic filling companies should constantly explore advanced marketing models and continuously improve their marketing concepts. The mature marketing model, the filling industry can effectively reflect the superiority of this model in the market competition, and the excellent marketing model can better improve the internal optimization ability of the industry. To enable our country's filling machine enterprises to benefit from reasonable management. Thereby improving the overall competitiveness of the filling machine industry.

When domestic filling brands became difficult in the market, they found that strong competitors have quietly settled in the domestic market. Due to the lack of technology, some small enterprises have not formed core competitiveness, and are subject to changes in production costs and labor costs, which are difficult to sustain under the squeeze of the market. Some large-scale filling machine manufacturers have basically approached the world's advanced level in production technology, and quality has been difficult to obtain in essence in a short period of time. Brand development is imperative. The brand has obvious performance on the price. Some high-grade, high-tech filling equipment, in the case of the presence or absence of the brand, the import and export ratio gap is more than 2 times.

In recent years, due to environmental and resource pressures, the development of green manufacturing has become a mainstream market. The development of the filling machine has entered the level of brand competition. In the following time, the whole industry will develop towards the direction of brand management.

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